PopURLs.com The grand-daddy of social news site aggregators


Browsing through social news sites can be so boring when you do it
every day. Fret not—the grand-daddy of all social news site
aggregators is here: PopURLs, the place to go to if you want your
news content aggregated in one place. The site shows you content
from the most popularly subscribed RSS feeds on the Web—from
Digg to Del.icio.us to Google News. You can play around with the
customisation options, like changing the background colour and
layout of the displayed feeds. You can choose to turn off video
and image feeds from sites like Youtube and Flickr. The Story
Preview feature can be a irritating; thankfully, it can be switched
off. Another smart little feature, aptly named “buzzmania,”
increases the content on the page by showing you double the
number of feeds on the front page. You can visit the WAP ver-
sion of the site at http://popurls.mobi. Hooked to your RSS
reader and want a place where you can get everything at a
glance? This is where you should head to.

NEWS:-China “hijacking” Google, Yahoo!, MS search sites,
               Redirecting to Baidu.
               Die Hard DVD to also carry DRM-free AVI file.

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