Buzzball-Your own personal roller coaster

We don't know if you've ever heard of Zorbing-the act of placing oneself inside
a ball,and then rolling that ball down the hill-a concept cooked up by
some rather nutty Kiwis.The downside of this is that you need (a) a hill,and
(b) someone to push you down it.Enter the Buzzball-instead of leaving the
passenger at the mercy of gravity,it consists of two motors-connected to a
wheel each-which let the passenger (now driver) control the motion and
the direction of the Buzzball.The Driver will also be able to control the
Buzzball by shifting his weight,and execute exotic man oeuvres including
(but not limited to) triple-puke-inducing-barrel rolls.
More detail Watch video or visit its official site.


my blog said...

yeah , i have watched this thing on TV . well its weird.

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Virza said...

doesn't we'll get dizzy after use this thing? cool anyway!

pctutorials said...

That thing looks fully sick man! Hope they produce them in Australia.

peter said...

You love roller coasters, but you hate the long lines. Plus you had to make a long drive just to get there. Well, here’s some good news for roller coaster enthusiasts. Evento’s BuzzBall is basically a one-man roller coaster with a seat inside that can spin and roll independently of the ball itself using a pair of electric motors.

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agnes said...

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets Those positively fed up with lengthy lines for coasters at amusement parks will likely dig the concept here. Evento's BuzzBall is essentially a personal roller coaster, which reportedly features a "single seat inside a large outer ball that's able to spin and roll independently of the ball itself" alongside a pair of electric motors used to power it.



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