Walmart money card - A walmart visa prepaid card

Walmart money card is a smarter way to manage money By using walmart money card you can get 1 % cash back on purchasing of gas nation wide through 12/31/11.

Key features of walmart money card

Use everywhere including ATMs.
No bank account required
It accepted worldwide
Pay For gas,online ticket purchase,use it on walmart online store,hotel reservation and many more..
It is very convenient in use No reload fees on direct deposit
Its safer than cash visa zero liability Policy to protect from fraud theft etc..
Walmart money card

Walmart money card online registration at and receive it in 7 -10 days after filling the simple form .

Its official site is
you can check your walmartmoneycard  balance at its official site.

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usqureshi said...

Walmart card give me relax because i convert my money into plastic card technology and its feature also attract me that it acceopt nationwide and all ATMS and more attracting feature is need no band account,,,,,,
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