There has been so much talk about Windows Vista but it seems that the
house is divided. It seems inevitable for users to move up to a higher
operating system but some are simply not willing to concede and surrender XP.
If you look closely at the abundant blogs in the internet, many are filled with
reasons why not to buy Vista. On the other hand, there can be some good reasons
to buy too. Naturally, we all want to be updated and move with the changes in
technology. Other than this soon to be mandatory reason however,
Vista actually has its charm and potential for usefulness. You should
therefore get Vista for some good reasons.

User Interface
The new user interface is not only appealing to the eyes but easier to
use and simply pulsating with life. Enhanced navigation includes live
thumbnails and flip 3D features as well as various animated effects.
Operating system messages are better written, understandable, more positive
and more accurate. In many ways, the Vista interface experience has more depth,
almost like interacting with a live creature.

Instant Search
Some simply see Vista as possessed with a degree of intuition when
it comes to performing searches. The Vista Instant Search is of course
faster than previous search function versions. Aside from the speed though,
Instant Search is system-wide and can automatically perform its function at
the start menu, control panel and Windows Explorer. It will also allow indexing
through user determined data and categories.

Multimedia Applications
Any new Vista user will rejoice at the wealth of possibilities with
Vista multimedia features. Windows Media Player for example features
stacking and media sharing with other computers. Windows Movie Maker and
Windows DVD Maker are also wonderful features. The former allows editing HD
and DVR-MS videos and DVD burning. The latter supports DVD creation.
Photo enthusiasts will also be glad with the new Photo Gallery which will
let you manage, organize, edit, print and rate your photo files.

Parental Control
Parents now have an extra reason to give thanks. Now, parents can
be away from home and not worry about their kids going over restrictions.
With Vista, parents can block specific websites and content based on category
or type and can even prevent downloads. Parents can also specify time limits on
account use.

Internet Explorer 7
Probably one of the best features of the new Internet Explorer is better
privacy and security. With the new technology used in Internet Explorer 7,
users can actually be kept secure from websites with doubtful intent.
The new Internet Explorer will also stop code from a third party from reaching you.

Meeting Space
Another great reason to buy Windows Vista is because of its
peer-to-peer collaboration feature which will let users interact
and share with members of a network. Desktops, work and messages can
now be easily passed from one member to another.

Windows Defender
If you’ve had some terrible encounters with spyware in the past,
then Windows Defender on Vista may be the best answer for you.
Aside from scanning for spyware, it will also give you feedback on
changes because of spyware.


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Daniel Sims said...

The thing is with vista, if you do move to it you must dump all your all hardware. It works best if you have new hardware, starting from scratch.

I had vista installed on a computer i had modified(with old parts) and it crashed alot i got a new computer with new parts and it runs like a dream.