Buzzball-Your own personal roller coaster

We don't know if you've ever heard of Zorbing-the act of placing oneself inside
a ball,and then rolling that ball down the hill-a concept cooked up by
some rather nutty Kiwis.The downside of this is that you need (a) a hill,and
(b) someone to push you down it.Enter the Buzzball-instead of leaving the
passenger at the mercy of gravity,it consists of two motors-connected to a
wheel each-which let the passenger (now driver) control the motion and
the direction of the Buzzball.The Driver will also be able to control the
Buzzball by shifting his weight,and execute exotic man oeuvres including
(but not limited to) triple-puke-inducing-barrel rolls.
More detail Watch video or visit its official site.

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Do-It-all discs--How can I make multi-boot CD

How can I make multi-boot CD with Windows XP Professional
and Media Center Edition?

You can use a tool such as Easyboot from
to create multi-boot CDs of different Windows versions.
Remember that it is illegal to do so unless both versions
of Windows are legal.Here are the steps to add Windows XP.

Create a folder named XPPR under C:\easyboot\disk1.Copy 
the files win51 and win51p from the root directory of 
the XP CD to c:\easyboot\disk1.copy the i386 folder to 
c:\easyboot\disk1\XPPR.copy wxp.bat from 
c:\easyboot\resource to c:\easyboot\disk1\XPPR and run
it.Copy w2ksect.bin from c:\easyboot\disk1\ ezboot to a
new named xppr.bin.

Start Easyboot,select Tools >Replace Text, browse 
to c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot\xppr.bin, and specify i386
as Text to Replace,XPPR as Replace to,and click 
Replace;one occurrence should be replaced.Repeat this
for c:\easyboot\disk1\xppr\setupldr.bin,replacing i386 
by xppr;four occurrences should be replaced.Open 
c:\easyboot\disk1\xppr\txtsetup.sif in Notepad,search
for SetupSourcePath, and change SetupSourcePath = "\" to 
SetupSourcePath = "\XPPR".Set the menu item's command
as run the file.
Repeat these steps to add more version of Windows,but
make sure that you use a different name for the folder
XPPR and the file xppr.bin.After you've prepared the 
content,save.the compilation by clicking save.Click 
Make ISO,select the name and location of the 
place to save the ISO image file to,and click Make.

The Worlds Most Advanced Racing and Entertainment Simulator! VRX MACH 4

The VRX Mach4 is a Quad-Xbox360 chained together to power the three gigantic
37-inch Sharp 1080p screens.A Microsoft force Feedback steering wheel is
used to steer.The fourth xbox360 powers the smaller 7-inch screen that
is your rear-view mirror.There's a Sparco racing seat and a 1900-Watt
vibration system to ensure you feel every bit of unevenness on the track,
and two fans to help you feel the wind in your hair.The price?
(10,50,000)-much more sensible to buy a rear car,isn't it? more detail

Zolved--Step-by-step Solutions to your Everyday Tech Problem

To err is technical and to fix is human.There's a place where you
can get easy solution for your tech problems-log on to
This is quite a comprehensive service where you can search from
among huge number of  solution submitted by the community.
You can find solutions to hardware ,software,Personal Media
Players,wireless networks,Gaming consoles,even generic Internet

You have troubleshooting solutions,"How To"solutions,and more.
The "troubleshooting"ones cover specific problems such as syncing
iTunes to window vista.The "How to"ones help you find manuals
and guides for  mobile phone models,router,media players,etc.Stuck
with a setup? Just follow the setup solution listed,and also find links
to software as well as drivers!
If you're still not able to find a way out of your problem,you can ask
a guru for help.(You''ll have to wait,of course!)You can discuss your
problem with other users as well as technical experts on the forum.
Go ahead-next time you're about to break your moniter or someth-
ing, try and zolve the problem first!

Google Adsense--So Can I Keep Making Money?

Simply put, yes! You can keep making money as long as people
are clicking the ads on your page. The site
that gives people MySpace templates makes more than
$100,000 a month via AdSense clicks (from a Washington Post
report)! So does that mean you can click on your own ads and
it’ll count?

Really now, is that even a question to ask? The obvious answer
is no. There are tons of people who are caught by the law for
click fraud. Essentially, these people, either themselves, or via
automated programs, simulate browser clicks on ads. Obviously,
for an advertiser, these clicks are useless as they don’t result in
conversions, and Google cracks down on the fraudulent parties.
Google themselves give a disclaimer that you can’t click on your
own ads. There’s a bunch of stuff that you can’t do, that if done
will lead to blacklisting. For example, you can’t mention any
incentives on your site for clicking on the ads. You can’t put
ads on sites with pornographic content either.
There have been a lot of controversies about Google and its
banning policies, with lots of sites being blacklisted from
AdSense for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and others
getting away scot-free.

Be careful or be banned

Garmin Nuvifone preview --Just another touch wonder

The Nuvifone's got the whole Iphone design going,with a large 3.5-inch
touchscreen,MP3/MPEG-4/AAC playback and camera,and yes,GPS.Garmin even
has an online service that works with the phone that'll notify you if
traffic problems,weather and local events-perfect when you're lost in
bad weather and need to rush to the closest fast food joint.Its expected
to be out in the third quater of this year.
for more detail visit our  source

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1---iPhone Killer ??

Claimed as yet another iPhone killer by Tech evangelists and
bloggers,the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 has on incredibly high
-resolution(800*480), 3-inch VGA touch screen display.With
a unique arc-slider design,the X1 feature a new desktop GUI
called 'Experia panels',a nine-panel interface that's eye candy
on the high-resolution display.These panels are finger-friendly
marvels that permit access to applications running on the phone
via the home screen.Navigation is possible either by touch,arc-
sliding QWERTY Keypad,4-way joypad and an "optical joystick".
The X1 also has loads of other features like quadband
GSM as well was UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA network support,
WiFi,aGPS,microSD(400 MB on phone memory default) and
of course,Window Mobile 6.X1 aims for the Web convergence
market since it runs the Microsoft Mobile OS for blending
multimedia with Web communication.All the hype around the
X1 leaves Sony Ericsson fans in anticipation,and it is expected
to hit markets over the second half of 2008.There's no way
can you expect it to be cheap.Nevertheless,keep drooling!

Spore Game Preview -A Revolution in Game-Play

Believed to be the mother of all Sims,Spore is going to allow
players to play god and make their own planet,with their own
creatures,and make them do whatever they want.The game is
considered the most ambitious project of Will Wright,the
designerof the hugely popular Sims series.

Spore will have a world made by the players,who has to also make
the creatures that live in it.The game itself will have five different
phases,similar to the evolution of life on earth.The game will start
with a 2D adventure with microbes floating in a  pool of organic ooze
that will develop into a land-walking creature. The player has to
decide their path of evolution from a single cell to Organisms,tribes,
and civilizations and then lead them to travel through space,to other
worlds and spread their species throughout the universe.Spore will
be a single player game but will utilize the player's Internet conn-
ection to further populate the universe with worlds made by other
players around the world. Thus calling itself a Massively Single
player game.

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel errrr..

We all love cars, but not all of us can afford a Porsche,
can we?Thanks to Fanatec, you can own something by Porsche
that your grandchildren will not still be paying for! The
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is brilliantly designed for
Racing game enthusiasts. The steering has hand stitched
leather, an H-pattern gear shift, force feedback and the
wheel has a turning angle of 900 degrees. It connects
wirelessly, but you have to power it to get force
feedback. The battery operated pedals are designed to
feel just like the real thingno plasticky nonsense here.
The USB dongle and wheel have neat Porsche badges. Price?
A mere $350 to $420 (Rs 14,000 Rs 16,750) depending on
where you plan on buying it.

The original reproduction of a 911 leather steering
wheel gives you the genuine Porsche feeling
Wireless USB technology which provides latency free
signal transmission to the PC/Console and is very
robust against interference (Power supply to wheel
still needed)3 Force Feedback motors and smooth belt
drive deliver sensational realism Authentic wireless
pedals with clutch and soft-stop brake Two gear sticks
included: 6+1 Speed H-pattern and sequential
Compatible with PC and Playstation 3 (6+1 gear stick
is only supported on PC and Playstation 3) more fun in Gaming)

Once you've completed all level of a game and almost 
mastered them,what next? Junk it?Actually,you can still 
have hours of fun.Add modification (mods) to your games
and multiply the has a large database of 
game mods-2000,to be precise.
       The site has simple,well-classified content to browse 
through-read about,develop and discuss mods.Check out
the galleries of in-game screenshots and detail about the 
game as well as the mod used.Register if you want to 
download and be part of the growing community.
         Loads of mods,skins,maps,models,and other files for
the most popular games are available for download.If 
you're bored of playing the same old maps for multiplayer
games like Counter-Strik,then why not make a one on 
your own? There is a good number of tutorials (basic 
models,and various other gaming elements to feed your
hunger for more fun.Also listed are the tools that were
used for creating the mods.
   If you want develop mods along with an elite group 
of developers,join groups such as Source Developers
or Valve-or start your own.Discuss your mods-creation
problem with other members...this is a very focused site
for real Gamers! 

GTA IV review with some.....

Probably the mother and dad of all popular free roam genre,
Grand Theft auto has been one of the most controversial,But
ionic and genre-defining games of gaming history.There have
been games and then there have been outstanding games,but
Rockstar has always given special treatment to GTA.
The latest version promises a lot of changes with the first trailer
just saying "Things will be different".The story follows the life of
one,Niko,in Liberty City,Rockstar's version of New York.But this
time arond the story is not one of 'Rags to Riches' but 'from Rags
to slightly better Rags'

Grand Theft Auto 4's engine has received a whole lot of updates.
The graphics have been upped by a huge factor and the unique
gameplay elements have furthered the non-linear free roam mode
of the title in a much bigger way.
GTA4 is one title we'll be keeping a tight eye on.Its release was
due last year in october,however we haven't even seen any preview
builds already,in India.

Note:-first I thanks to all my 5000+ visitors and all my feed
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Everybody love some cheat in Games

Everyone love to cheat-its good,clean fun,of course,because not
everybody is born a pro gamer like me and you .
Head to site is entirely for cheat codes,
news,and tips and tricks on a huge number of games on different
platform.You get the cheats  for titles on Atari 2600,Lynx,and
Sega-all the way to xbox360 upto hardcore gamers heartbeat
PS3.This site is updated daily,so you can find cheats and hints
even for the latest titles.hummm.

The coolest thing here is that you can leave your feedback like
other cheat site(if a cheat doesn't work,for example)at the end
of the cheats and hints for any game across all platforms.Along
with the cheats,you will find news related to the  game platform
and genre,and game titles similar to the one you're looking at.
If you hate cheat "one thing I say for you now you think like
a hardcore gamer(Real gamers).
what i think about cheat codes its help for those who don't
want to work hard.

Farcry 2 Review

Ubisoft is handling the sequel to the hit Far Cry games,now that Crytek
sold the rights to the French studio.This time,the game will not feature
any supernatural or sci-fi elements,and will further veer from the first
part by offering not one, but 12 different mercenaries to play as.Set in
Africa,the game will be entirely open-ended and non-linear.After you
choose from one of the 12 mercenaries,the remaining will be encount-
ered in the game as friends.The game will feature terrain ranging from
savanna to jungle and the weather will depend upon how well you do
in the game:sunny skies when everything is going well for you will give
way to thunder and lightning when you are in trouble.Various factions
and vehicles will be featured,and the gameplay area will be around 50
square km.
                                 Will it be a far cry from its sequel?Ha ha,punny...

By Gamers,For Gamers- In web 2.0 ways

Now you can experience a thrill of web2.0 technology with your
gaming skill. I think the first question in your mind how? so
dont shift to other blog just read the full article then check
out this cool way to test and improve your gaming skill. so i
currently shutdown this nonsense please read it like
playing A Game.

Finally ,gamers,too,have embraced WEB 2.0 and social networking
and all thing new.Gamevision is a social networking site with an
intresting tagline."By Gamers,For Gamers."
Gamers willing to share their thoughts with other gamers
can create their own communities:just register and create your
profile-then start writing your own articles.All the rest
Web 2.0-save drafts, publish whenever you want,create or browse get the idea.
All content on the site is entirely gaming realted.Gaming news
on the homepage includes review by GamerVision as well as
community based review.Members can create groups for discussing
anything they think about any game.sort of lends a perspective.
join any gaming group-such as "HALO 3"-to learn and discuss ways
and tricks from other members.
You will find everything that make for a useful Web 2.0
site -commenting Rating,Bookmarking,Sharing,etc.of the content.
For example,you can comment on news,article,and even blogs...

Seitz 6x17 Digital camera

IF your are a real photography enthusiast then its really a
big and excellent deal.But my point of view on this I say just some
great word (oh god can i really buy this type of gadget)

seitz has outdone everything in its class with its mind-
numbing 160-megapixel 6x17 digital camera. (Sorry, we got that
wrong: there’s nothing else in its class!) You got that right—one
hundred and sixty MP. Couple that with 48-bit colour depth, and
you get images of definitions we can’t speak about. At the
maximum resolution, an image is 900 MB, and you can’t use
Flash to store several such—so the 6x17 uses a Mac Mini as
its storage device. You can control the camera remotely using a PDA.
Go ahead, prove you’re a real photography enthusiast: sell your
house and buy the 6x17 for

mobile version "compact": 46'300 CHF (29'270 €)
mobile version "premium": 47'100 CHF (29'770 €)
mobile version "magnum": 48'900 CHF (31'150 €)
studio version: 42'300 CHF (26'940 €)

for detail visit this site :-

World cheapest car (2500$) TATA NANO

RATAN TATA One Of the RICHEST INDIAN again shocked the
Indians after buying a Cores steel company .NOw they show a
NEW CAR in CAR EXPO 2008(India) which is just only 1 LACK
( 2500$ ) which is one of the WORLD most Cheapest CAR most
important thing CAR also loaded with air conditioning.This
CAR are made for middle class people .Which have a not  enough
Money to buy a CAR and they happy with its 150 cc Bike . Now
they really buy his own CAR just in 1 LACK( 2500$ ). Its Engine
power is 624 CC and it give mileage 20KM/LITRE which is
Excellent for anyone Which Belong to middle class.And its main
competitor MARUTI 800 loses his some market when TATA
launch it officially in Market .But now most of the Indian follow
the theory of wait and watch.Now its Ready to Rock
Indian Car Market.

The car will have a three-cylinder 624-cc petrol engine with
33 bhp of power. It will also have a 30-litre fuel tank and
four-speed manual gearshift. The car will come with air
conditioning,but will have no power steering.

The car will have front disk and rear drum brakes. The company
claims mileage of 22 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on highway.
The $ 2500 is the dealer price - the actual price on the road might
be approx Rs $3000.
But many people have a some doubt and some question I clear it below
1.what about safety
   According to TATA Meets all safety norms
2.Such a car can even be built at that price
    Many think not but it pssible.but corollary is ,can it be built
     profitably?wait for market report
3. What about impact on environment?
     TATA say Meets them too.

Pacemaker (Portable DJ System)

No, this gadget will not save a life; it will, however, let you party
wherever you go. It’s a cool looking portable DJ-ing system with
120 GB storage. You can mix music easily, and on the move.
All the well known audio formats—MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, Ogg
Vorbis and even the lossless FLAC are supported!

The Pacemaker has a set of effects like crossfade, bend, pitch, etc.
which can be controlled using the multifunctional touchpad.
Outputs include headphone and line-out, and the device lets you
control two channels individually. Even if you aren’t a DJ, its huge
storage capacity lets it double up as a really good portable music
PRICE:-(EUR 520, about $720)

LinuX-Gamers EDITION

The Linux Live Game Project is a compilation of games for Linux,
and requires no previous knowledge on how to set up Linux and
all its applications. It’s a Live DVD that’s based on Arch Linux, so
there is no need to create space and partition drives, either Depe-
nding on your hardware, you’d be well warned that some of your
drivers may not be open source. We ran our tests on an NVIDIA-
based motherboard. This can be a little irritating to see every
time you boot up: you need to agree to continue, and once you
do, the drivers are loaded and the GUI boots up. There’s not
much to see here other than a thick bar with a list of games there.
Now the games on this distribution aren’t your typical low-end-
card games you find on your Windows and Linux Desktops. These
are full-fledged 3D games, including FPSes like Warsow, Tremulous,
and World of Padman. Sauerbraten is another pretty good-looking
game that makes use of some fancy-looking shaders.
It’s not all FPS mayhem either—games like Foobilliards (a pool
game) and Blobby 2 (a 2D ball game) will appeal to casual gamers.
Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Role-playing Game (RPG) fans can
always try out Warzone 2100 and The Battle for Wesnoth. For
those with a need for speed there’s TORCS (The Open Racing Car
Simulator)—a fairly decent-looking car racing game, and gl-117—a
rather bad-looking flight simulator.
The performance of the games on our old test machine—an AMD
64 3800+ with 1 GB of RAM and the onboard NVIDIA 6150
graphics—was more or less satisfactory. What is irritating is
the amount of time games take to load off the DVD. You can save
your settings on a USB drive if you wish.
Unfortunately, other than playing games,there’s nothing much you
can do with this distribution. If that’s all you want, then Linux Live
Game Project has a decent collection of games where you can spend
a lot of free time.Site: