By Gamers,For Gamers- In web 2.0 ways

Now you can experience a thrill of web2.0 technology with your
gaming skill. I think the first question in your mind how? so
dont shift to other blog just read the full article then check
out this cool way to test and improve your gaming skill. so i
currently shutdown this nonsense please read it like
playing A Game.

Finally ,gamers,too,have embraced WEB 2.0 and social networking
and all thing new.Gamevision is a social networking site with an
intresting tagline."By Gamers,For Gamers."
Gamers willing to share their thoughts with other gamers
can create their own communities:just register and create your
profile-then start writing your own articles.All the rest
Web 2.0-save drafts, publish whenever you want,create or browse get the idea.
All content on the site is entirely gaming realted.Gaming news
on the homepage includes review by GamerVision as well as
community based review.Members can create groups for discussing
anything they think about any game.sort of lends a perspective.
join any gaming group-such as "HALO 3"-to learn and discuss ways
and tricks from other members.
You will find everything that make for a useful Web 2.0
site -commenting Rating,Bookmarking,Sharing,etc.of the content.
For example,you can comment on news,article,and even blogs...

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