Farcry 2 Review

Ubisoft is handling the sequel to the hit Far Cry games,now that Crytek
sold the rights to the French studio.This time,the game will not feature
any supernatural or sci-fi elements,and will further veer from the first
part by offering not one, but 12 different mercenaries to play as.Set in
Africa,the game will be entirely open-ended and non-linear.After you
choose from one of the 12 mercenaries,the remaining will be encount-
ered in the game as friends.The game will feature terrain ranging from
savanna to jungle and the weather will depend upon how well you do
in the game:sunny skies when everything is going well for you will give
way to thunder and lightning when you are in trouble.Various factions
and vehicles will be featured,and the gameplay area will be around 50
square km.
                                 Will it be a far cry from its sequel?Ha ha,punny...

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