LinuX-Gamers EDITION

The Linux Live Game Project is a compilation of games for Linux,
and requires no previous knowledge on how to set up Linux and
all its applications. It’s a Live DVD that’s based on Arch Linux, so
there is no need to create space and partition drives, either Depe-
nding on your hardware, you’d be well warned that some of your
drivers may not be open source. We ran our tests on an NVIDIA-
based motherboard. This can be a little irritating to see every
time you boot up: you need to agree to continue, and once you
do, the drivers are loaded and the GUI boots up. There’s not
much to see here other than a thick bar with a list of games there.
Now the games on this distribution aren’t your typical low-end-
card games you find on your Windows and Linux Desktops. These
are full-fledged 3D games, including FPSes like Warsow, Tremulous,
and World of Padman. Sauerbraten is another pretty good-looking
game that makes use of some fancy-looking shaders.
It’s not all FPS mayhem either—games like Foobilliards (a pool
game) and Blobby 2 (a 2D ball game) will appeal to casual gamers.
Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Role-playing Game (RPG) fans can
always try out Warzone 2100 and The Battle for Wesnoth. For
those with a need for speed there’s TORCS (The Open Racing Car
Simulator)—a fairly decent-looking car racing game, and gl-117—a
rather bad-looking flight simulator.
The performance of the games on our old test machine—an AMD
64 3800+ with 1 GB of RAM and the onboard NVIDIA 6150
graphics—was more or less satisfactory. What is irritating is
the amount of time games take to load off the DVD. You can save
your settings on a USB drive if you wish.
Unfortunately, other than playing games,there’s nothing much you
can do with this distribution. If that’s all you want, then Linux Live
Game Project has a decent collection of games where you can spend
a lot of free time.Site:


Susan said...

I have always been a big fan of Linux and agree that there are more than enough games that you can play on the Gamers Edition to waste more time than is probably wise. Thanks for the in-depth article and for reminding me that there is a world outside of Windoze and Macs. :)

Cell Junkee said...

I do agree. We don't think about the world outside windows and macs enough. This is a product that is welcome for sure!