Seitz 6x17 Digital camera

IF your are a real photography enthusiast then its really a
big and excellent deal.But my point of view on this I say just some
great word (oh god can i really buy this type of gadget)

seitz has outdone everything in its class with its mind-
numbing 160-megapixel 6x17 digital camera. (Sorry, we got that
wrong: there’s nothing else in its class!) You got that right—one
hundred and sixty MP. Couple that with 48-bit colour depth, and
you get images of definitions we can’t speak about. At the
maximum resolution, an image is 900 MB, and you can’t use
Flash to store several such—so the 6x17 uses a Mac Mini as
its storage device. You can control the camera remotely using a PDA.
Go ahead, prove you’re a real photography enthusiast: sell your
house and buy the 6x17 for

mobile version "compact": 46'300 CHF (29'270 €)
mobile version "premium": 47'100 CHF (29'770 €)
mobile version "magnum": 48'900 CHF (31'150 €)
studio version: 42'300 CHF (26'940 €)

for detail visit this site :-


KiwiPulse said...

This thing is so huge lol!

eyeshrine said...

looks like a skateboard :D

nancypants said...

I guess this would be a guy's camera. Because guys would probably like to hear people exclaim over and over again, "That thing is huge." (That comment was very unlike me... but it's all I could think of.)

That thing is bigger than huge. It's ginormous. My brother, if he were still, alive would want it.

Good lord... I hate thinking about how much people would laugh when you whip this camera out though. It looks like a joke! LOL It looks like Big Bird's camera!

AAA Copywriter said...

A digital equivalent to used to be studio cameras, lol!