World cheapest car (2500$) TATA NANO

RATAN TATA One Of the RICHEST INDIAN again shocked the
Indians after buying a Cores steel company .NOw they show a
NEW CAR in CAR EXPO 2008(India) which is just only 1 LACK
( 2500$ ) which is one of the WORLD most Cheapest CAR most
important thing CAR also loaded with air conditioning.This
CAR are made for middle class people .Which have a not  enough
Money to buy a CAR and they happy with its 150 cc Bike . Now
they really buy his own CAR just in 1 LACK( 2500$ ). Its Engine
power is 624 CC and it give mileage 20KM/LITRE which is
Excellent for anyone Which Belong to middle class.And its main
competitor MARUTI 800 loses his some market when TATA
launch it officially in Market .But now most of the Indian follow
the theory of wait and watch.Now its Ready to Rock
Indian Car Market.

The car will have a three-cylinder 624-cc petrol engine with
33 bhp of power. It will also have a 30-litre fuel tank and
four-speed manual gearshift. The car will come with air
conditioning,but will have no power steering.

The car will have front disk and rear drum brakes. The company
claims mileage of 22 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on highway.
The $ 2500 is the dealer price - the actual price on the road might
be approx Rs $3000.
But many people have a some doubt and some question I clear it below
1.what about safety
   According to TATA Meets all safety norms
2.Such a car can even be built at that price
    Many think not but it pssible.but corollary is ,can it be built
     profitably?wait for market report
3. What about impact on environment?
     TATA say Meets them too.

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Leon said...

Good work by Tata. Hopefully this will raise the standard of living for the Indian people. I posted about this on my blog too.