Spore Game Preview -A Revolution in Game-Play

Believed to be the mother of all Sims,Spore is going to allow
players to play god and make their own planet,with their own
creatures,and make them do whatever they want.The game is
considered the most ambitious project of Will Wright,the
designerof the hugely popular Sims series.

Spore will have a world made by the players,who has to also make
the creatures that live in it.The game itself will have five different
phases,similar to the evolution of life on earth.The game will start
with a 2D adventure with microbes floating in a  pool of organic ooze
that will develop into a land-walking creature. The player has to
decide their path of evolution from a single cell to Organisms,tribes,
and civilizations and then lead them to travel through space,to other
worlds and spread their species throughout the universe.Spore will
be a single player game but will utilize the player's Internet conn-
ection to further populate the universe with worlds made by other
players around the world. Thus calling itself a Massively Single
player game.

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel errrr..

We all love cars, but not all of us can afford a Porsche,
can we?Thanks to Fanatec, you can own something by Porsche
that your grandchildren will not still be paying for! The
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is brilliantly designed for
Racing game enthusiasts. The steering has hand stitched
leather, an H-pattern gear shift, force feedback and the
wheel has a turning angle of 900 degrees. It connects
wirelessly, but you have to power it to get force
feedback. The battery operated pedals are designed to
feel just like the real thingno plasticky nonsense here.
The USB dongle and wheel have neat Porsche badges. Price?
A mere $350 to $420 (Rs 14,000 Rs 16,750) depending on
where you plan on buying it.

The original reproduction of a 911 leather steering
wheel gives you the genuine Porsche feeling
Wireless USB technology which provides latency free
signal transmission to the PC/Console and is very
robust against interference (Power supply to wheel
still needed)3 Force Feedback motors and smooth belt
drive deliver sensational realism Authentic wireless
pedals with clutch and soft-stop brake Two gear sticks
included: 6+1 Speed H-pattern and sequential
Compatible with PC and Playstation 3 (6+1 gear stick
is only supported on PC and Playstation 3)