Google Adsense--So Can I Keep Making Money?

Simply put, yes! You can keep making money as long as people
are clicking the ads on your page. The site
that gives people MySpace templates makes more than
$100,000 a month via AdSense clicks (from a Washington Post
report)! So does that mean you can click on your own ads and
it’ll count?

Really now, is that even a question to ask? The obvious answer
is no. There are tons of people who are caught by the law for
click fraud. Essentially, these people, either themselves, or via
automated programs, simulate browser clicks on ads. Obviously,
for an advertiser, these clicks are useless as they don’t result in
conversions, and Google cracks down on the fraudulent parties.
Google themselves give a disclaimer that you can’t click on your
own ads. There’s a bunch of stuff that you can’t do, that if done
will lead to blacklisting. For example, you can’t mention any
incentives on your site for clicking on the ads. You can’t put
ads on sites with pornographic content either.
There have been a lot of controversies about Google and its
banning policies, with lots of sites being blacklisted from
AdSense for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and others
getting away scot-free.

Be careful or be banned


Michael Aulia said...

The scary bit is, if your competitor doesn't like you, he/she can just click your Google AdSense like frenzy? and won't you get banned, thinking that they were fraud clicks? :(

How would Google protect us from this?

Anonymous said...

yes this is fraud click but google not banned you for this click.i think so.......

Nihar said...

I agree with michael... It is very much possible

Mike said...

Scary indeed. It happened to me! I was banned for that on my google adsense. I am still fighting the decision, but 2 weeks later and i have YET to hear a response from google on the appeal applications. Their form said it would take 'up to' 48 hours for a response.