The Worlds Most Advanced Racing and Entertainment Simulator! VRX MACH 4

The VRX Mach4 is a Quad-Xbox360 chained together to power the three gigantic
37-inch Sharp 1080p screens.A Microsoft force Feedback steering wheel is
used to steer.The fourth xbox360 powers the smaller 7-inch screen that
is your rear-view mirror.There's a Sparco racing seat and a 1900-Watt
vibration system to ensure you feel every bit of unevenness on the track,
and two fans to help you feel the wind in your hair.The price?
(10,50,000)-much more sensible to buy a rear car,isn't it? more detail

9 comments: said...

Cool.. I going to put this on my wish list for christmass!

Chessmaster said...

This is a sick machine :P
I wish we had this when we were kids.

Michael Aulia said...

I saw this in an expo some time ago :D

Too bad I don't like paying racing / car simulation games

Winston said...

One, it exercises the most important parts of the IT professionals body

Two, it costs less than a professional flight simulator

Three, its fun and entertaining


Gunther Waldrich said...

i think tis is just for richie rich right..?

PlanetaCelular said...

blog excelent


TerryG said...

Now this is some hard core action. I think that it would be the ultimate in gaming experience, the seat looks comfortable and the television screens would add that extra bit or realism. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

EEK, an awesome machine but the price is... /cries

As you said, better to go and get a real car, shame you cannot pull off the same stunts as what you could in a game.

Perhaps if they had the ability to modify it with some modules to allow you to play MS Flight Sim too that would be awesome, might make it worth the money too.

Alicexia said...

Holy crap! That's so awesome.