Do-It-all discs--How can I make multi-boot CD

How can I make multi-boot CD with Windows XP Professional
and Media Center Edition?

You can use a tool such as Easyboot from
to create multi-boot CDs of different Windows versions.
Remember that it is illegal to do so unless both versions
of Windows are legal.Here are the steps to add Windows XP.

Create a folder named XPPR under C:\easyboot\disk1.Copy 
the files win51 and win51p from the root directory of 
the XP CD to c:\easyboot\disk1.copy the i386 folder to 
c:\easyboot\disk1\XPPR.copy wxp.bat from 
c:\easyboot\resource to c:\easyboot\disk1\XPPR and run
it.Copy w2ksect.bin from c:\easyboot\disk1\ ezboot to a
new named xppr.bin.

Start Easyboot,select Tools >Replace Text, browse 
to c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot\xppr.bin, and specify i386
as Text to Replace,XPPR as Replace to,and click 
Replace;one occurrence should be replaced.Repeat this
for c:\easyboot\disk1\xppr\setupldr.bin,replacing i386 
by xppr;four occurrences should be replaced.Open 
c:\easyboot\disk1\xppr\txtsetup.sif in Notepad,search
for SetupSourcePath, and change SetupSourcePath = "\" to 
SetupSourcePath = "\XPPR".Set the menu item's command
as run the file.
Repeat these steps to add more version of Windows,but
make sure that you use a different name for the folder
XPPR and the file xppr.bin.After you've prepared the 
content,save.the compilation by clicking save.Click 
Make ISO,select the name and location of the 
place to save the ISO image file to,and click Make.

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Hey, I was just dropping by all the links I have in my respected sites blog list on my blog and wanted to say Hi and I also dropped my entercard, anyways the multi-boot disc sounds pretty cool, i'd like to do it with a couple versions of linux like ubuntu and fedora or something.
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