Self-Destruct Button

Machines have taken over the planet,computers became self aware
and are trying to destroy humanity.Just as you suspected,your
PC was the evil one,and the brain of the Al revolt is just sitting
there on your table...mocking you.Its good thing you are a
USGADGET subscriber and had read this article.You now hold
the key to mankind's survival,the self-destruct button,and
you're not afraid to use it.You break through the protective glass
(forgetting that it lifts up easily),slam down on that big red button
and all the hell breaks loose. There are alarms going off every-
where (if you don't hear these,you forgot to switch your
speakers on),there's whirring and creaking as the AI in your PC
dies a slow painful death. The entire office is filled with the
cacophony of human victory over machines,everyone looks
at you incredulously,eyes filled with admiration and envy-our
hero!Then out from behind a wooden portal comes the
terminator,seething with anger he hands you a pink slip and
kicks your behind all the way out of the front door...there's
just no justicein the world,is there?
For those who didn't get it,the Self-Destruct Button does
absolutely nothing to your PC,but willmake it sound like
you just averted Armageddon (or caused it,depending on
what gets your goat).Using it when your boss is around will
get your goat).Using it when your boss is around will get
you fired,period.

Price $59
Happy new year .

How to Enable multiple logins in yahoo messenger

Follow the step which are given below and get some fun with
multiple login.

1. Open the Registry Editor by clicking on start > Run and
     entering regedit.

2. Navigate to HEKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\

3. Right click on any blank space in the right column and choose
    New Dword Value.

4. Call it "Plural".

5.Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.
 Now close the Registry editor and resart Yahoo! Messenger,and
 you'll have multiple logins.
(This does not work with version 9,though).

HP special Blackbird 002 PC And some tech buzz

HP Blackbird 002 PC

HP recently bought VoodooPC, and already we’re seeing the effects
of that in the way new systems are designed. The Blackbird 002 PC
is one of the most amazing looking designs from HP in a while now.
With a price range of anywhere between $2,500 and $7,000 depen-
ding on configuration—there better be power under the hood.You
can get an over-clocked Core 2 Extreme QX6850, SLI-ed 8800
Ultras and 4GB of memory. All that hot hardware is cooled using
liquids, heat pipes and heat sinks. You can customize your config-
uration and opt for AMD instead. A special HP Blackbird Dedicated
Edition will be released soon, which will add on a Voodoo keyboard
and mouse and the Half Life 2 Orange Box. What’s subtracted is
the overclocking on the QX6850 and a mere 2 GB of RAM instead
of 4. The price for the Dedicated Edition is $5,500.


NEWS:-Apple to fire up Intel dual- and quad-core Penryn-based
               Mac Pros.
            +USB drives to appear in record stores to build up sales oF
                physical media.

Windows 95 had 15 million lines of code. XP has 35 million,Vista is
believed to have 50 million. Mac OS X is the shocker—86 million!
And then, in terms of Price Per Lines of Code, Vista is much cheaper
than Windows 95! The grand-daddy of social news site aggregators

Browsing through social news sites can be so boring when you do it
every day. Fret not—the grand-daddy of all social news site
aggregators is here: PopURLs, the place to go to if you want your
news content aggregated in one place. The site shows you content
from the most popularly subscribed RSS feeds on the Web—from
Digg to to Google News. You can play around with the
customisation options, like changing the background colour and
layout of the displayed feeds. You can choose to turn off video
and image feeds from sites like Youtube and Flickr. The Story
Preview feature can be a irritating; thankfully, it can be switched
off. Another smart little feature, aptly named “buzzmania,”
increases the content on the page by showing you double the
number of feeds on the front page. You can visit the WAP ver-
sion of the site at Hooked to your RSS
reader and want a place where you can get everything at a
glance? This is where you should head to.

NEWS:-China “hijacking” Google, Yahoo!, MS search sites,
               Redirecting to Baidu.
               Die Hard DVD to also carry DRM-free AVI file.

Create your own wap site. 2.0 site)

Ever tried building a WAP site for yourself? The best place to make
those swanky little sites that load off mobile phones, of the type
you’ve always wanted to make, is at A name synony-
mous with WAP sites, is the one-stop shop for all your
WAP-site-building needs.An online, Java-based WAP site builder
can be accessed from the site. Once you’ve created an account, you
can browse through the 20,000-odd members’ WAP sites hosted at You can visit your new WAP site at
[username]. It is then tagged under a specific section such as
“games” or“personal pages”—you get to choose from 21 other cate-
gories. The WAP site maker has a simple graphical interface, like
the type you see when composing ane-mail: it lets you change the
background image and colours on the site. You can add hyperlinks
and images, and make an unlimited number of pages, too. There’s no
need to learn to code in WAP,WML, or XHTML. Each WAP site is
allotted 1 MB of Webspace, which should allow you to host approxi-
mately 30 full ringtones, for instance. offers a free WAP
emulation browser called TTemulator, which can be used from a PC
to access WAP sites. This application can be added to pages of other
Web sites too.

A web 2.0 site
If you are clued into the Web 2.0 phenomenon, you’ve noticed the
sudden explosion of online applications that can be accessed any-
where and everywhere  Into this chaos enters,
a site that catalogues all the fast-emerging Web 2.0 applications.
The categories on the site range from “calendar” apps to the
quirky “loans” applications that you can use to keep track of your
financial commitments. Searching for “write”, for instance, on, brings up a list of all online word processing
applications—from the popular Zoho Writer
to Writeboard( We even found Just Anger
(, a site that lets you vent when you’re angry
and in distress! Every Web application listed in the search results
has a little description below it. This lets you quickly find the app
that best suits your need, without your needing to bother to visit
the Website and use its services.
Once you make an account, you can add applications you come
across to the existing catalogue, and these will show up in the
listings once they’ve been approved by the site administrators.
The site allows users to add more details to reviews of apps, too,
so you can add screenshots and give more detailed descriptions
of the apps listed there. Having said that, the short descriptions
are illustrative enough to tell you enough about the site you’ve

Alienware Hangar 18

Alienware Hangar 18

Alienware never disappoints, as a general rule. The Hangar 18
departs from the super-gaming-machine scene.It is, in short, a
home theatre system running some pretty mighty hardware. It
runs on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor and can have up to 4 GB
of RAM. Vista is the primary operating system. There are two
digital TV-Tuners and two analogue ones, using which you can
record videos of up to 1080p resolutions. The 2 TB of storage
space should arguably be more than enough for your HD video,
photos, and music, and the 1000 W amplifier will inarguably
satisfy those with a taste for really loud music. Starting
price: $1,999

RssHugger promote your blog ?

Update Rss Hugger  is now Closed
What is rssHugger?
rssHugger is a new website developed to help bloggers promote
their blogs, and to help visitors discover new blogs that write about
subjects that the readers are interested in. Through the power of
the internet rssHuggerlooks to bring blog writers and blog readers
closer together. If you own a blog, you can get your own page on
rssHugger for 10 years for only $20. If you make a blog post about
rssHugger, you can get the page for $10. rssHugger says the
$10-20 allows manually reviewing to ensure that all blogs are
quality listings.

The site is the brainchild of Collin LaHay, an experienced
entrepreneur, search engine optimizer, and internet marketer
It promote your blog
By sending traffic to your blog directly from rssHugger,
By providing backlinks to help with your Search Engine
Optimization efforts, and By increasing the number of
subscribers to your rss feed.THE IDEA MAP According to Rsshugger

Collin’s strategy to drive traffic to rssHugger is called the Top
100.This is a list of the top 100 blogs on rssHugger based on
the amount of traffic sent to their rssHugger Blog Page. The
traffic count resets at the beginning of each month to “keep
everyone on an even playing field”, but also to encourage people
to blog about rssHugger on a monthly basis.
The goal of RssHugger is to help you as a blogger promote
your blog.
For more info please visit and
register if you like it.

Made For AdSense

Made For AdSense

Essentially, Google is what is known as a scraper site. It uses Web
scraping, that is, it makes the use of Web crawlers to index content
in the form of search results. Now this is a fair and legal use of
other people’s content, that is, for the purpose of indexing.
However, some scraper sites make use of the “scraped” content
and plagiaries it for their own use. How do they use this content?
Essentially, an illegal scraper site is created for monetising content
from AdSense. Such a site is in the parlance called an MFA or a
Made For AdSense site. Scrapers take content from sites that
have highly-searched keywords and use them to generate
high-revenue clicks from unknowing users who click on these
sites thinking them to be some other, legitimate sites. For
example, the site is a shopping site that claims
to offer great prices on a host of products. But the links displayed
are almost all AdSense ads. So anything you click is an AdSense
click for the webmaster of Everyrule, who is making money off
these clicks.
Visit for a whole bunch of blacklisted MFA sites.

Three Incredibly Useful Sites

Three Incredibly Useful Sites
“The Single Best Source For Facts,” this is one site where much
of the information clutter on the Internet is organised in an easily
-accessible manner. Browse through dictionaries and encyclopae-
dias.Conduct Business Searches, People Searches and Fact
Searches. Check weather forecasts.Keep in touch with the latest
news. Read about the significance of this day in history. Just head
to the site!

Zamzar Beta
Zamzar lets you convert image, document, music, and video files
up to 100 MB in size to different formats. Image files can be
converted between BMP, GIF, etc., document files to CSV, DOC,
HTML, etc. music files between AAC, AC3, OGG, etc., video files to
and from 3GP, AVI, MPEG,OGG… there’s a caveat, though: read the
terms of service, but beware of spam.

How do you tie a tie? How do you install a GPS receiver or strip
the paint from your car? How do you open a stuck jar lid? eHow
has answers to all the above: 20,000 articles! From the everyday
to the exotic, from the simple to the complex—find out how to do
it all right here.

Nokia 6500 Classic

Nokia 6500 Classic
Camera: 2-megapixel camera
Storage: 1GB internal storage
Data: 3G
Charger: Micro USB
Screen: 2-inch
Size/weight: 109.8x 45x9.5 mm/94g
Formats: AAC, MP3

Sharp looks
Small size

Titchy screen
Micro USB charger

A decent fashion blower that lacks a few killer features


If an application shutdown, xp wiil normally wait for for a while to
see if open application shut down safely.
Use this hack to shutdown straightway and not wait for any
response from the application.


The key is user-specific,and the second is system-wide .In both
these location, changes the string value called AUTOENDTASKS
to 1 to kill the application immediately, or 0 to prompt for user action .WAITTOKILLAPPTIMEOUT control the default time, in
milliseconds, before killing the application.Reduce this time to
further speed up the process.

Sony Ericsson S500i Review

Sony Ericsson S500i Review
Not everyone will set themselves a budget as high as $230 U.S  DOLLAR for a phone. Most of us
CHRISTMAS shoppers will look for more mid-range phones... so we decided to recommend
something new, something that will let your purchase stand out from the crowd. Sony
Ericsson launched the S500i in the beginning of DECEMBER, and at first glance, this
phone looks really cool. Of the four colours available—Mysterious Green, Ice Purple,
Contrasted Copper and Spring Yellow—our favourites are the first two. The phone is a
slider; the 2-inch TFT display works at 240 x 320, with 262K colours. It’s EDGE-capable,
has quad-band GSM capability and supports Bluetooth (A2DP stereo, for wireless
headphones). The phone weighs just 92 gm, and is 14 mm thick. Onboard memory is
scarce—just 12 MB—but you can upgrade to 2 GB using the Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot.
The phone features Sony’s Walkman software for phones, so your music experience will
be good. The 2MP camera offers decent pictures, and is on par with other phones in
this range.The buttons are small, but well-designed and tactile enough. Talk time is
9 hours and standby time is 370 hours. The menu is exciting to play with, and Sony
Ericsson says, “...S500i keeps you in harmony with the world around you. Let desktop
and menu themes change with the season; or as day turns to night.” So your phone menu
looks different on different days and even changes between day and night! You can person-
alise the phone’s “light effects”—the way the phone lights up when a call comes through.
In terms of specs, the phone is quite what you’d expect for the price—nothing
extraordinary. However, if you’d like to make a style statement with your phone,
the S500i
can be the centre of attention... if you want it to be.


Universal Flash Storage

Universal Flash Storage

Be it a digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, or other such gadgets, you need to know about
the compatible memory card format.

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a newly-proposed open standards-based specification
for the standardisation of removable Flash memory. The standard promises high data
transfer speeds, fast speed access to large media files, greater storage capacities,
and a decrease in power consumption—and most importantly, it is hoped that it will
become a one-size-fits-all solution. Too good to be true? Could be. Several mobile
phone technology and semiconductor companies support this specification, but many
users are sceptical—saying it’ll become just another format.

Besides, what about the billions of gadgets and consumer electronic devices already
sold? Memory card manufacturers make money off proprietary formats, and they might not
take to UFS too kindly… and we’ll have to wait until 2009 for even the UFS specification
to get finalised.

NEWS:-Apple to fire up Intel dual- and quad-core Penryn-based Mac Pros.For More NEWS
wait for next post.


Your Own Social Networking Site

PG Dating Pro Social Kick-start your own social networking site!

PG Dating Pro Special is a ready-to-go script-based networking software that can be used
to host a social networking site or an online dating service. The idea is to be able to
get off the ground in the shortest time possible, assuming you have your business plan
ready! Various Web site design templates are available—dating, family,adult, entertainment,

The site can be managedusing the administrationpanel (called the adminconsole). The tray
icon allows access to the adminconsole along with the hosted Web site. The site will
have a user-friendly layout.

The site will, by default,have an English-language interface, but additional language
support is possible using context management in the admin console.

Incorporation of RSS
news feeds is possible using the same console.

User feedback is an integral part of any Website; a PHP-based forum and poll are available
at your disposal for this. Registered users can interact with each other using Flash-based
IM,chat, and blogs, and can mail messages to each other.HTML and image advertisement
banners can be attached to the bottom half or the left of all the pages excluding the

Paid user access is set by default—users are clubbed into groups such as platinum, gold,
and so on.The site can be made completely free by deleting these paid user groups. The
admin decides the cost structure on an hourly basis for paid users via the user management
in the admin console. The script even allows the admin to choose the payment system for
paid users—PayPal, E-gold,, among others

The site’s contest management option binds a vulgar word list to the site, notifying the
admin when such a word is used. The option to watermark photos hosted on the site prevents
possible misuse of profile images. The 33 preloaded profiles are enough to start a Web site. There’s also an
option to add chat-bots, if desired.

At $899 , PG Dating Pro is available with its code as an open code license. This, while
having a developer at one’s disposal,would help in implementing additional features or
modifying or upgrading existing features.

PG Dating Pro—$599 for the version without the code—is great for a Web startup, because
it is priced right and has most of what you’d need.

System Requirments
PHP 4.0 or greater, MySQL 3.23.0,
Windows XP/2003/Vista, Windows based server and Web hosting service
Web site:
Price : $599

if you like it please subscribe it via email.

How to Create a Password Reset disk for XP

create a password reset disk for XP,and use it if you lose your password


There’s something called the Forgotten Password Wizard, which allows you to create a
password reset disk that can be used to recover password and personalised computer
settings if the password is forgotten. The steps to perform the task differ for domain
and work-group scenarios.

If your computer is on a domain, you can create the Domain Password Reset Disk
as follows. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] to open the Windows Security dialog box.
Click Change Password. Click Backup to open the Forgotten Password Wizard. Click
Next, then follow the on-screen instructions.

If your computer is not part of a domain, you can create a Non-Domain Password
Reset Disk; the procedure here varies depending on whether you have an administrator
account or a limited account.

If you have an administrator account,create an Administrator Password Reset Disk:open
User Accounts in the Control Panel.Select the Administrator. Click Prevent A Forgotten
Password under Related Tasks.Follow the instructions in the Forgotten Password Wizard.
For a Limited Account Password Reset Disk, do the same, but by selecting the Limited
User Account instead of Administrator.

Here’s how to use the Password Reset Disk to log on to a computer: boot through the
disk you created. Click the username whose password is on the recovery disk.
Press [Enter] or the Right Arrow. This causes the “Did You Forget Your Password?”
message to appear. You can click the “?” button to see your password hint. If
you have forgotten this as well, you can useyour Password Reset Disk to reset your
password. This will start the Password Reset Wizard.Follow the instructions and you
will be able to set a new password. The Password Reset Disk is also automatically
updated with the new password information, so you don’t have to create a new password
reset disk.

Note that the disk you create can only be
used with the computer on which it was created.



WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008


* Available for PS3, X Box, Wii and Nintendo DS


* Array of wrestling legends
* Weapon wheel
* Extreme Rules Match


* Bad commentary

A great new edition with literally killer new features.

When it comes to wrestling games, the average non Bret the Hitman Hart loving person
on the street tends to think that's they're all pretty much the same. But,
WWE Smackdown v's Raw 2008's blood thirsty, metal chair wielding, pimping PS3 game
may change that.Whether you decide to be Torrie Wilson or one of the Hardy boys,
you've never looked this good in spandex. The graphics are in short breathtaking,
smooth and detailed, you may blush once or twice doing a grapple in these outfits,
but we're all for cheap thrills here.The game also offers the playerpast superstars
from Raw, ECW and Smackdown for you to headlock or dunk. Along with 'pimpin'
the wrestlers the game has also added new ECW Extreme Rules Match, a new tournament
mode and an updated control scheme. You can drag your opponent around the ring,
through the crowd and crush his/her head on the floor. Delightful.This bloodbath of a
game also allows you to choose weapons to bring the pain on your opponent. Choose from
the weapons wheel with a choice of crutches, belts, chairs and er mops? Be afraid, be
very afraid.To be fair, WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 is a great game for any wannabe
or pro wrestler, the start menu is easy to use and the tutorials useful to teach you
how to break a neck, an arm, or a spine.

If you have an unknown desire to cause great harm to others, WWE Smackdown v's RAW 2008
may save you from an impending jail sentence and we promise you'll look better in the
spandex than a boiler suit.


Automatic Window Refresh

Automatic Window Refresh
Normally,there is small delay after some information changes before it reflects in the Gui.
if you need to see the information right away,you would need to press [F5].the following will
enable the system to do faster updates.

Navigate to: hlm\system\currentcontrolset\control\updates

for faster updates,changes the Dworld value called updatesmode to 0.The defaults is 1.

QA reboot will be reguired for the changes to take effect.Note that there is a likelihood of the changes to take effect.
note that there is a likelihood of conflict if this setting is applied with system policies
running:the UpdatesMode value is used by system polies to disable,automatically or manually
check for a connection to the NETLOGON share of a domain controller.Changes it back to the
default if you are running system policies or are connected to a domain controller.


You can’t say that the reign of Windows XP is finally over but you can
certainly say that the reign of Windows Vista has just begun. I guess its
time to discover new tips and tricks related to the new Windows Operating
System rather than digging out the old ones which were related to Windows XP.
Windows Vista is new and needs tweaking and pampering so here are some exclusive
Windows Vista tips for you that can help you get a more dynamic Vista experience.

Disable UAC (User Account Control)

To disable those annoying action confirmation popups in Windows Vista you need
to disable UAC (User Account Control). To do that

1. Open Control Panel
2. Type “UAC” in search box and open it
3. Uncheck the box that says “Use User Account Control (UAC)” and restart

Have Two Windows on the Screen Simulataneously

You can have two application windows open at the same time side by side if
you just follow the trick

1. Open an application window
2. Open an another application and hold CTRL
3. Click the application window you want it to title with
4. Choose the desired Style

Flip Windows in 3D (Alt+Tab alternative)

In Windows XP there was a simple and fast trick (Alt+Tab) to easily switch
between applications but in Windows Vista there is a Flip 3D feature which
lets you switch been application Windows in 3D environment.

Just Hold Windows Start Key+Tab to perform this cool and useful effect.

Change Functionality of Start Menu Power Button

You can easily change the functionality of the Start menu power button in Windows Vista.
Just follow the simple steps

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Switch to Category view
3. Click System and Maintenance
4. Under Power Options click “Change what the power buttons do”
5. Set up the actions accordingly and Save changes

Use Check Boxes to Select Multiple Files (CTRL alternative)

Instead of using CTRL to select multiple files at once you can use the check box
feature in Windows Vista to do the same job. Can be useful if your keyboard goes
bye bye for some reason and you need to select multiple files urgently

1. Open Start menu and click Computer
2. Click Organize and choose Folder and Search Options
3. Click the View tab
4. Check “Use Check Box” Setting to activate this feature
5. Hover over file names or thumbnails to see the Check Boxes

Change Volume Level of each Indivisual Application

You can change the Volume Level of each Indivisual Application in Windows Vista
and it is very easy to do

1. Open the application window and highlight to set it as active
2. Right click the speaker sound icon in taskbar
3. Click “Open Volume Meter”
4. Use the “Applications” Volume bar to change the volume of active application

Set Multiple Clock Time Zones

Windows Vista gives you the ability to set multiple clock time zones at once
and here is how to do it

1. Right click time icon in taskbar
2. Select Adjust Date/Time
3. Select “Additional Clock” Tab
4. Check the box and set your desired date/time

The time zones will be shown in tooltips

Use Flash Memory to Boost Performance



Screen 2.5-inch, 240x320 touchscreen
Connectivity 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Camera Two megapixels
Storage 64MB plus microSD card slot
Battery Talk: five hours. Standby: 200
Size/Weight 100x58x14mm/112g

Unusually pleasant looks.

Dodgy touchscreen.
Disappointing interface.
Ropey multi-media gubbins.

An attractive but ultimately grimly disappointing smartphone.

T3 MAGZINE IS MY tech navigator.