Create your own wap site. 2.0 site)

Ever tried building a WAP site for yourself? The best place to make
those swanky little sites that load off mobile phones, of the type
you’ve always wanted to make, is at A name synony-
mous with WAP sites, is the one-stop shop for all your
WAP-site-building needs.An online, Java-based WAP site builder
can be accessed from the site. Once you’ve created an account, you
can browse through the 20,000-odd members’ WAP sites hosted at You can visit your new WAP site at
[username]. It is then tagged under a specific section such as
“games” or“personal pages”—you get to choose from 21 other cate-
gories. The WAP site maker has a simple graphical interface, like
the type you see when composing ane-mail: it lets you change the
background image and colours on the site. You can add hyperlinks
and images, and make an unlimited number of pages, too. There’s no
need to learn to code in WAP,WML, or XHTML. Each WAP site is
allotted 1 MB of Webspace, which should allow you to host approxi-
mately 30 full ringtones, for instance. offers a free WAP
emulation browser called TTemulator, which can be used from a PC
to access WAP sites. This application can be added to pages of other
Web sites too.

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