HP special Blackbird 002 PC And some tech buzz

HP Blackbird 002 PC

HP recently bought VoodooPC, and already we’re seeing the effects
of that in the way new systems are designed. The Blackbird 002 PC
is one of the most amazing looking designs from HP in a while now.
With a price range of anywhere between $2,500 and $7,000 depen-
ding on configuration—there better be power under the hood.You
can get an over-clocked Core 2 Extreme QX6850, SLI-ed 8800
Ultras and 4GB of memory. All that hot hardware is cooled using
liquids, heat pipes and heat sinks. You can customize your config-
uration and opt for AMD instead. A special HP Blackbird Dedicated
Edition will be released soon, which will add on a Voodoo keyboard
and mouse and the Half Life 2 Orange Box. What’s subtracted is
the overclocking on the QX6850 and a mere 2 GB of RAM instead
of 4. The price for the Dedicated Edition is $5,500.


NEWS:-Apple to fire up Intel dual- and quad-core Penryn-based
               Mac Pros.
            +USB drives to appear in record stores to build up sales oF
                physical media.

Windows 95 had 15 million lines of code. XP has 35 million,Vista is
believed to have 50 million. Mac OS X is the shocker—86 million!
And then, in terms of Price Per Lines of Code, Vista is much cheaper
than Windows 95!

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