RssHugger promote your blog ?

Update Rss Hugger  is now Closed
What is rssHugger?
rssHugger is a new website developed to help bloggers promote
their blogs, and to help visitors discover new blogs that write about
subjects that the readers are interested in. Through the power of
the internet rssHuggerlooks to bring blog writers and blog readers
closer together. If you own a blog, you can get your own page on
rssHugger for 10 years for only $20. If you make a blog post about
rssHugger, you can get the page for $10. rssHugger says the
$10-20 allows manually reviewing to ensure that all blogs are
quality listings.

The site is the brainchild of Collin LaHay, an experienced
entrepreneur, search engine optimizer, and internet marketer
It promote your blog
By sending traffic to your blog directly from rssHugger,
By providing backlinks to help with your Search Engine
Optimization efforts, and By increasing the number of
subscribers to your rss feed.THE IDEA MAP According to Rsshugger

Collin’s strategy to drive traffic to rssHugger is called the Top
100.This is a list of the top 100 blogs on rssHugger based on
the amount of traffic sent to their rssHugger Blog Page. The
traffic count resets at the beginning of each month to “keep
everyone on an even playing field”, but also to encourage people
to blog about rssHugger on a monthly basis.
The goal of RssHugger is to help you as a blogger promote
your blog.
For more info please visit and
register if you like it.

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