Self-Destruct Button

Machines have taken over the planet,computers became self aware
and are trying to destroy humanity.Just as you suspected,your
PC was the evil one,and the brain of the Al revolt is just sitting
there on your table...mocking you.Its good thing you are a
USGADGET subscriber and had read this article.You now hold
the key to mankind's survival,the self-destruct button,and
you're not afraid to use it.You break through the protective glass
(forgetting that it lifts up easily),slam down on that big red button
and all the hell breaks loose. There are alarms going off every-
where (if you don't hear these,you forgot to switch your
speakers on),there's whirring and creaking as the AI in your PC
dies a slow painful death. The entire office is filled with the
cacophony of human victory over machines,everyone looks
at you incredulously,eyes filled with admiration and envy-our
hero!Then out from behind a wooden portal comes the
terminator,seething with anger he hands you a pink slip and
kicks your behind all the way out of the front door...there's
just no justicein the world,is there?
For those who didn't get it,the Self-Destruct Button does
absolutely nothing to your PC,but willmake it sound like
you just averted Armageddon (or caused it,depending on
what gets your goat).Using it when your boss is around will
get your goat).Using it when your boss is around will get
you fired,period.

Price $59
Happy new year .


Alfred said...

Honestly I love the way you write. It almost sounded like some book...

Happy new year to you

Wakish said...

Hey there.. nice article
Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2008!

- Wakish -