A web 2.0 site
If you are clued into the Web 2.0 phenomenon, you’ve noticed the
sudden explosion of online applications that can be accessed any-
where and everywhere  Into this chaos enters,
a site that catalogues all the fast-emerging Web 2.0 applications.
The categories on the site range from “calendar” apps to the
quirky “loans” applications that you can use to keep track of your
financial commitments. Searching for “write”, for instance, on, brings up a list of all online word processing
applications—from the popular Zoho Writer
to Writeboard( We even found Just Anger
(, a site that lets you vent when you’re angry
and in distress! Every Web application listed in the search results
has a little description below it. This lets you quickly find the app
that best suits your need, without your needing to bother to visit
the Website and use its services.
Once you make an account, you can add applications you come
across to the existing catalogue, and these will show up in the
listings once they’ve been approved by the site administrators.
The site allows users to add more details to reviews of apps, too,
so you can add screenshots and give more detailed descriptions
of the apps listed there. Having said that, the short descriptions
are illustrative enough to tell you enough about the site you’ve

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