Sony Ericsson S500i Review

Sony Ericsson S500i Review
Not everyone will set themselves a budget as high as $230 U.S  DOLLAR for a phone. Most of us
CHRISTMAS shoppers will look for more mid-range phones... so we decided to recommend
something new, something that will let your purchase stand out from the crowd. Sony
Ericsson launched the S500i in the beginning of DECEMBER, and at first glance, this
phone looks really cool. Of the four colours available—Mysterious Green, Ice Purple,
Contrasted Copper and Spring Yellow—our favourites are the first two. The phone is a
slider; the 2-inch TFT display works at 240 x 320, with 262K colours. It’s EDGE-capable,
has quad-band GSM capability and supports Bluetooth (A2DP stereo, for wireless
headphones). The phone weighs just 92 gm, and is 14 mm thick. Onboard memory is
scarce—just 12 MB—but you can upgrade to 2 GB using the Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot.
The phone features Sony’s Walkman software for phones, so your music experience will
be good. The 2MP camera offers decent pictures, and is on par with other phones in
this range.The buttons are small, but well-designed and tactile enough. Talk time is
9 hours and standby time is 370 hours. The menu is exciting to play with, and Sony
Ericsson says, “...S500i keeps you in harmony with the world around you. Let desktop
and menu themes change with the season; or as day turns to night.” So your phone menu
looks different on different days and even changes between day and night! You can person-
alise the phone’s “light effects”—the way the phone lights up when a call comes through.
In terms of specs, the phone is quite what you’d expect for the price—nothing
extraordinary. However, if you’d like to make a style statement with your phone,
the S500i
can be the centre of attention... if you want it to be.


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Imran said...

We found using the S500i for the purpose of our tests to be a pleasure. The calls we made were crystal clear and text messaging is a predictably simple task using Sony Ericsson’s predictive text system. Using the menu system is fast, with only a small amount of lag when accessing menu items and applications.

Mobile Web browsing isn’t the best experience without access to 3G network speeds, but the QVGA screen is large and bright enough to make the pages easily legible if you persevere with the time taken for data transfers. Other entertainment options on the handset are much better; the music player sounds great through the supplied stereo hands-free headset, and has a basic audio equaliser built-in. As noted above, the handset comes with two pre-loaded games — Brain Juice and Lumines Block Challenge — and both are a decent way to while away a bus trip.