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PG Dating Pro Social Kick-start your own social networking site!

PG Dating Pro Special is a ready-to-go script-based networking software that can be used
to host a social networking site or an online dating service. The idea is to be able to
get off the ground in the shortest time possible, assuming you have your business plan
ready! Various Web site design templates are available—dating, family,adult, entertainment,

The site can be managedusing the administrationpanel (called the adminconsole). The tray
icon allows access to the adminconsole along with the hosted Web site. The site will
have a user-friendly layout.

The site will, by default,have an English-language interface, but additional language
support is possible using context management in the admin console.

Incorporation of RSS
news feeds is possible using the same console.

User feedback is an integral part of any Website; a PHP-based forum and poll are available
at your disposal for this. Registered users can interact with each other using Flash-based
IM,chat, and blogs, and can mail messages to each other.HTML and image advertisement
banners can be attached to the bottom half or the left of all the pages excluding the

Paid user access is set by default—users are clubbed into groups such as platinum, gold,
and so on.The site can be made completely free by deleting these paid user groups. The
admin decides the cost structure on an hourly basis for paid users via the user management
in the admin console. The script even allows the admin to choose the payment system for
paid users—PayPal, E-gold,, among others

The site’s contest management option binds a vulgar word list to the site, notifying the
admin when such a word is used. The option to watermark photos hosted on the site prevents
possible misuse of profile images. The 33 preloaded profiles are enough to start a Web site. There’s also an
option to add chat-bots, if desired.

At $899 , PG Dating Pro is available with its code as an open code license. This, while
having a developer at one’s disposal,would help in implementing additional features or
modifying or upgrading existing features.

PG Dating Pro—$599 for the version without the code—is great for a Web startup, because
it is priced right and has most of what you’d need.

System Requirments
PHP 4.0 or greater, MySQL 3.23.0,
Windows XP/2003/Vista, Windows based server and Web hosting service
Web site:
Price : $599

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